Customer Stories Are, Hands Down, Your Best Marketing Tool


One of the most exciting things about creating content is getting to talk with customers! Meeting people and discussing what excites them about a company's products is not only entertaining (these customers are usually pretty passionate about their crafts), but it also makes for amazing marketing content. 

When you can't teach your customers something, the next best thing is to show them how other customers are using your products. The customer stories that I gather aren't usually overtly promotional, and that's by design. Instead, the stories are truly about what the customers are doing with your products

Take this video I was a part of, Link Product Development uses Tormach machine tools for their business. The most important portion of this video isn't the promotion of the Tormach machine, but rather, what the company does. The hope is that this not only sways future customers to consider Tormach machine tools, but also inspires those potential customers to go after the things they want. 

With all of this being said, I spend a lot of time out in the field, gathering these types of customer stories. Being creative and doing photography/videography in the field can sometimes be intimidating... especially when you're just a Wisco kid in the big city of New York. Like so many things, taking on something intimidating can be quite rewarding!

Check out this video I put together during my most recent field trip to New York.

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