What Is the Future of Product Photography?

Product photography is essential to selling anything, especially in our current world of eCommerce. But these days, video is dominating everything online. 

Product photography will always have a place as a necessary element of marketing, but the future is product videography. We all know that video can help with branding, and proper content strategy can really help your brand produce some quality marketing. But now, video can provide a new avenue to showcase your products.

Now, I'm not talking about commercials... commercials are the video equivalent of stodgy photos on white backdrops... they're necessary, but not sexy. They are most valuable to customers that are already in your funnel or those doing research. 

Instead, I'm talking about video that tells a story. Quality product photography has always told a story somehow. Like Apple...


Apple has long been known for really creating a story behind their brand, but until the last few years, companies were relegated to commercials to tell a video story. Not anymore.

Video is heavily favored on all social media platforms, making it valuable to promote products. It provides a real opportunity to further the story that you tell with your photography. Creating product photos that are tied together (both in story and in branding/style) can help immerse your audience (and new audiences) in your product and your company's brand overall. 

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