The REAL VALUE of Trade-Shows

Trade-shows have been called a number of things... boring, exciting, long, murder on the feet...

In reality, trade-shows can really add a lot of value to your marketing strategy and content development. 

The real key is to not just worry about your organization and what you brought to the show. Trade-shows provide the opportunity to talk with competitors, in a fairly open way if you play your cards right. Talking and communicating is what content and marketing are all about, but trade-shows also off the opportunity to network.

Now, if you go to a marketing trade-show, they set aside time to do nothing but network. I'm talking about industry-specific shows.

For instance, if you're in the world of retail and marketing consumer items, going to a show centered on retail is great for your product, but talking with other exhibitors (even if they might be competitors) may open up a whole new world of partnership and collaboration.

This is the secret value that trade-shows have to offer. Establish business friendships, talk with peripheral and competing businesses, and grow your network to develop new and interesting partnerships!

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